Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cut your favorite graphics from soda/drink cans. Nip the top rim with a pair of wire cutters. Then just cut your pieces out using Tim Holtz Scissors. Those scissors are so slick, they cut the aluminum "just like buttah". Put the pieces in your embossing folders, if you like. I used the Cuttlebug and one B plate with about 5 pieces of lightweight chipboard. (Two B plates were too thick and made little cuts into the aluminum.) Hot glue the pieces onto a wooden frame...I painted mine black first. Then as an option you can use tiny tacks/nails in the corners of the pieces for an added touch. (My hubby did that part for me. He also offered to drink some beer if I would like to make one using beer cans. He's so nice.) Now I need a nice photo to put into my new frame~

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Tim holtz would be its recycling!