Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mixed Media Winter Scene

I love using up scraps and this mixed media is a fun way to do it! And it doesn't matter what color they are because it's all covered with paints, gesso and inks and washes. I left the middle open to insert a photo from a nice snowy day. I know we'll get plenty of those coming up!

I did this project on a 9x7 chipboard and used some tulle and embossing paste for the background. When the paste dried  I went over it with gesso and diluted white paint and sprinkled Recollections fine white glitter on the snowy areas.  I made my own soft blue wash from water and acrylic paint.
 I found these little skis a long time ago. They were brightly colored so I painted them with gesso and white paint to knock the color back, but you could make them from popsicle sticks....I just didn't have any on hand.

As always, thanks for looking.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mixed Media Mini Album Chipboard Cover

Well, I can really understand why so many scrappers are getting into this mixed media art. I really liked jumping in and getting my hands covered in gesso, inks, stamps and paint. But I first watched a youtube video by livartnow. I wouldn't want to have had to guess at what comes first with the design, the chicken or the egg.  She's good though.. I'm so happy I stumbled into her videos. So this is my first crack at mixed media. I decided to try the layered tile look, which starts with messing up a few pieces of chipboard with various layers of paper, washi tape, stickers and the kitchen sink and then cutting them into pieces for the cover assembly. You gotta try this. But not right after you have your nails manicured. Just saying. And why is it that I can never get the dyes out of my fingernails, regardless of the large amount of time I spend in dishwater and household cleaners, but if I bother to paint my nails they chip the minute they hit the water? Sigh. Oh, never mind. That's for a whole different life. Hope you try this, it's so much fun!