Friday, March 30, 2012

My Minds Eye Lost and Found Rosy mini album

I mean, really, these little 6x6 paper pads are such a bargain. They're so well thought out by the designers that your only job is just to pick which method you want for your mini and then you just start glueing.  So that's just what I did. I even used the back sheet of the paper pad pack for the spine binding and then just dressed it up with a little bit of Dazzle tape. On the cover is a library pocket mounted on a piece of chipboard with a transparency in the pocket...I told you I love those, right? and then some Tim Holtz metal pieces, with a hair tie through a rivet in the last page to hold it all together. Oh, don't you just love your Big Bite? How sweet it is! You have one, right? Cause they make riveting so stinkin' easy!! You really should have one.
Go get one!


Sandy said...

I especially like the page that looks like a window/awning. Very clever. Your comments are always entertaining, too!

Jackie said...

And, I like everything you do! I agree, the 6x6 paper pads are great!