Thursday, August 9, 2012

                   Echo Park

For the Record Journal

I made this journal using the paper collection pack from Echo Park for my sister, Sandy. She's a good-hearted gal. I thought she could use it at her volunteer counseling sessions.  So I made it to put in her birthday package. I hope she finds it useful and that it reminds her that her sister loves her.

A pocket on the left side to slip notes into and a little clipboard attachment in case she needs one. I attached a long envelope for things she needs to tuck away and a legal pad

attached to a piece of chipboard so the pages can be lifted from the top...

                                        And a calendar for added convenience...

and some blank papers for doodling. You can look like you're writing really important notes when you're doodling, you know? Oh, that's probably just me. Never mind.
Hope she likes it.

{Thanks for looking!}


Sandy said...

It's for me! I'm the lucky birthday girl! This is an awesome record book. Places for my paperclips and my agenda for the class. Places for my notes and my certificates. Places for the papers I receive from the clients. And places for the pictures of my client's babies. Who could ask for more? Great creativity, sis. LYMI, Sandy

Jackie said...

I'm not the lucky sister, but, I still think the record book is outstanding! Happy Birthday Sandy!