Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mini Album made using an antique book

My brother and sister-in-law had some gorgeous pictures from their trip to France last month. I thought she might like this mini for her birthday. My brother found an antique French script book on ebay, a hundred years old,  and sent it to me so I could use the cover. The book was so cute I hated to take it apart. The interior pages were already aged by time and the edges of the pages were gilded. But the binding was weak on it and had to be replaced. I didn't use a paper collection this time. I just pulled from my stash and I used some of the original pages from the book.

 Their 10 day excursion took them to Marseilles, Avignon, Rellaine, Cassis and Paris....and they took over 900 photos. My brother was in on my plan to make this for her so he got lots of really good shots like we scrapbookers bottles, dinner plates, a row of bicycles. Cool. He did a great job.

I made lots of pockets and flaps in this mini, as you can can see.

and I left some open spaces for journaling and for the postcards they collected along the way.


 My sister found an SVG Eiffel Tower and we cut it out with the Cricut and I downloaded tons of free ephemera printables that I found onlinefrom places like the Graphic Fairy. Love her.

 It was a big project but I think that having something tangible to look at and interact with, versus the digital world we're leaving in, is a good thing. I hope she thinks so too.


Ellen Maloney said...

Absolutely stupendous, Jill. I know she will love it for years to come. Ellen M.

Muddy Footprints said...

Thanks,Ellen. What a fantastic adventure to take a trip like that. I heard you had the same pleasure. You lucky girl.